The BKWine Photography images are the creation of Per Karlsson, with the occasional exception, created by Britt Karlsson.

Per Karlsson

Per Karlsson is a photographer specialising in wine, food, gastronomy and travel photography. Since a few years back he has also branched out into video production on the same subjects. He has contributed all images, and some text, to BKWine’s wine books.

Since the early 2000s Per has been making pictures of his chosen subjects. The BKWine Photography photo library today holds more than 30,000 images.

The BKWine Photography imagery appears regularly in the specialised press, wine magazines, books etc. It is used frequently all over the world to illustrate a variety of subject in a broad spectrum of publications.

Per’s photography is available on BKWine Photography. He is also represented by photo agencies in the UK and the US.

Per is also co-founder, together with his wife Britt, of BKWine. Rumour has it that his interest in wine started already when he was 11. Just like Britt he visits some 200 wineries each year on wine tours and for journalistic and photographic projects.

He writes about wine primarily online on BKWine Magazine and in the BKWine Brief.

Before creating BKWine he had a long career in marketing and international business development and management in the technology industry (his parcours includes an MSc in physics and an MBA from Insead).

About BKWine AB and Abako

BKWine, or BKWine AB as the full name is, is a Swedish company around wine founded and run by Britt and Per Karlsson. BKWine is about wine in many different shapes and forms.

One of the activities of BKWine is photography.

All licensing of our images is managed by the French management company Abako Wine Vision Sarl.

We know wine

To put it shortly we at BKWine know a fair bit about wine and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences of food and wine with others – in both images and text, as well as on wine tours.

We hope to meet you some day soon!

What we do?

BKWine is, as mentioned, not only about photography. Here are our main activities:


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