The Book on Languedoc Wines
The Book on Languedoc Wines

This is our first book: The Book on the Languedoc Region, Its Wines and Winemakers.

The Languedoc is a region that merits being discovered by all wine lovers. It is one of the most dynamic wine regions in France today: much innovation and inspired wine making, but also with a long tradition to build on.

And not least, a wealth of excellent wines to be discovered, and often at very reasonable prices.

The core of the book is some sixty wine producer profiles. Each winery and winemaker is presented on one, two or three pages. An additional selection of just under a hundred producers are also presented in brief. The book also covers the history of the Languedoc, the terroir, the appellations and classifications in the Languedoc, the grape varieties as well as general introductions to each sub-region. And there is of course also a section on Languedoc gastronomy.

The Languedoc Book is written by Britt Karlsson (BKWine) in collaboration with two co-authors: Bengt Rydén and Anders Levander.

It is lavishly illustrated with maps and with photography by Per Karlsson (BKWine).

The book is published in Swedish by Carlsson Publishing in October 2007.

We welcome enquires for publication in other countries and other languages world wide.

Britt & Per Karlsson

The Book on Languedoc Wines
The Book on Languedoc Wines

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