A warning sign on a storage room for hazardous material in a winery

Getting a cookie banner and making the site GDPR compliant

This article describes my effort to implement GDPR and appropriate privacy, including the famous “cookie banner”, on our web sites. (Not yet implemented on our sites though.) Since a few years back privacy regulations in the EU (and some other regions) have become much stricter. They set up strict rules

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Our photo library contains many tens of thousands of pictures on wine, vineyards, wineries, travel, gastronomy, restaurants, food and other subjects, from our travelling across many countries, France, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Croatia, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Moldova, New Zealand, Chile, Austria and many more countries.

Wine Photography – on vineyards, wineries, winemakers, wine cellars and wine regions. Be it beautiful landscapes from some of the world’s most spectacular wine countries or technical photography on the machinery used to make wine or the soil types of the terroir. But also Travel Photography – from many exciting destinations around the world.