Photographs That Sell and Sell…
Roger Antrobus
Collins & Brown

[Have not yet read it but it has been highly recommended. It is on my “Wanted” list.]

This is what Amazon says about it: “Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make money from taking photographs ‘on spec.’? Many amateur photographers are capable of producing images of a professional quality but are unsure of how to market them. Even professional photographers who normally work to specific commissions are often uncertain how to market their own work. Photographs That Sell and Sell…tells you exactly how to do this. What are the best images to look for? Do I need prohibitively expensive equipment? How do I assess if my pictures are of a commercial standard? All of these questions, and many more, are answered in clear, jargon-free language including the most important of all, How do I approach an agency and present my work to them? Profusely illustrated with a wide variety of Roger Antrobus’s best-selling images, from climbers on a snow-capped mountain to a semi-abstract image of car lights at night, each image is fully captioned with explanations on how it was shot, of why it was taken and the reasons for its commercial success.”

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