Photos That Sell: The Art of Successful Freelance Photography
Lee Frost
David & Charles

This is a book that gives you glimpses and pointers. Lots of interesting stuff and ideas on how to develop your photography business but perhaps not too much depth. Frost shows with some real examples from his own photography what pictures sell – and for how much and how often. He gives a number of such (entertaining) examples. There are also a number of sections called “Expert View” which read almost like interviews with successful photographers. Also very interesting. I find it less interesting with the series of chapters that reads like “one business idea is to take pictures of flowers and try and sell them” (or business situations, or animals, or…). That’s perhaps a bit too obvious. And on the side of digital photography and computers it is distinctly dated… But overall it is definitely a book worth reading for some inspiration (and for some nice pictures in it).

This is what Amazon says about it: “Aimed at both full-time freelancers looking for inspiration and part-time photographers wishing to build up a business, this work combines advice on markets and marketing along with photographic tips, techniques, set-ups and compositions.”

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