The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers
By Peter Krogh

[Have not yet read it but it has been highly recommended. It is on my “Wanted” list.]

It was described to me like this: “One of the best workflow books I’ve read recently. I’m making some pretty major changes to my workflow because of this book.” This is what Amazon says about it: “In The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Krogh brings clarity to the often overwhelming task of managing digital photographs, with a solid plan and practical advice for fellow photographers on how to file, find, protect and re-use photographs. Following a thorough overview of the DAM system and de-mystifications of metadata and digital archiving, Krogh focuses on best practices for digital photographers using Adobe Photoshop CS2. He explains how to use Adobe Bridge, the new CS2 navigational software that replaces the File Browser introduced in Photoshop 7, with full details on integrating Bridge, Camera Raw and Digital Asset Management software.” You can also take a look at the book’s own web site. You can download the first chapter and see the detailed contents of the whole book:


This is definitely a book you should buy and read. the best book I have seen on how to organise your digital workflow,

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