Digital Workflow

“Short and simplified overview of my digital workflow” Take a look at my photo book recommendations here. (outdated link) This is just an overview that I don’t necessarily follow slavishly and that is modified depending on the situation… The Workflow 1… Copy from card to PC. 2… Rename raw files to follow naming standard (sw: […]

Food Photography

Food photography sounds similar to wine photography, doesn’t it? Actually, it is very different. Wine photography is often reportage-like, whereas food photo is very, very much a studio thing. Here’s an interesting article on how to do food pictures. I certainly will read it more in detail later.

The world’s most expensive picture

Apparently. USD 1.284 million , sold at Christie’s in New York on November 8, 2005. Unfortunately it was not mine. The photo was of a man (OK, cowboy) on a horse riding in the desert. From a well known publicity campaign for a cigarette brand. Since I can’t show the photograph here I’ll give you […]