It is becoming more and more important that the photographer understands pricing and licensing and can set pricing terms independently. Historically there was more or less “industry standard” pricing, especially for editorial stock photography. That is still true to some extent, but much less so than before.

Sign advertising sales of wine in the wine shop
Sign advertising sales of wine in the wine shop

I have started a new link list category with links to pages with useful information about photo pricing and licensing. It includes both tools and background information.

Initially I have three links there:

Look in the side-bar (the right-hand column) for links to these sites.

Another important source for information on licensing and picture pricing is to investigate what others charge. That is quite easy to do by going to some of the photo libraries’ (photo agencies’) sites and using their on-line pricing tool. Here are perhaps the most important:

There are many more.

To this you can add (again):

Do you have more suggestions? Please write a comment!

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