Our latest book is called Wine and the Environment, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural (“Vinet och miljön, ekologiskt, biodynamiskt och naturligt” in Swedish, the original language). It is a book full of facts and details about that kind of wine growing and those types of wines. Organic wines is a market niche that is growing rapidly today. It has just won prizes in Sweden and in Paris.

The book is also full of photography. When we make a book the pictures are always very important. (It is Per who does the photography and Britt who writes the text. Except sometimes, when it is the other way around.) About half of the space is taken up by photos. Sometimes it is “just” nice illustrations but often the images play an important role to explain the concepts that the book talks about. For example, how does a “dynamiser” look? (It is an important tool for biodynamic wine producers.)

In fact, the photography plays as important a role as the text in the book. And all of it is available from BKWine Photography.

You can find examples of the photography in Wine and the Environment here.

Awards in Sweden and in Paris

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Best in the WorldWe participated with the book in what is no doubt the world’s largest food and drink book competition, the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. More that 10,000 food, drink and wine books compete every year.

First, our book won “best wine book for professionals” in Sweden.

Second, in the international finals, it was awarded silver (second place) in the category “world’s best educational wine book“. The awards ceremony took place in Paris at the end of February. (Actually, the same weekend as the Academy Awards in Tinseltown.)

You can read more here in the press release on the Wine and the Environment awards.

Yes, we are very proud!

Thank you Gourmand International!

Two years ago we won too!

This is a very nice follow up to what happened two years ago:

Two years ago we published a book called The Creation of a Wine. That book was about wine growing and winemaking. Actually it is quite a unique book. There is nothing quite like it published, that explains to the wine enthusiast or wine professional (sommeliers, merchants, importers etc) how winemakers work. What makes this book different from others on the subject is that it is based on “the real world”. It is based on what winemakers do and what they have told us about it. And also that it is very lavishly illustrated. Just like Wine and the Environment!

So, two years ago The Creation of a Wine won first prize as “World’s Best Wine Book for Professionals“! (After first having been elected best in Sweden of course.)

The covers are below.

Note: Both books are published in Swedish. We welcome enquiries about publication in other languages.

Wine and the Environment, cover
Wine and the Environment, cover
The Creation of a Wine, cover
The Creation of a Wine, cover


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