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Amazon Cloud Drive folder view

Using Amazon Prime (Premium) “unlimited” for photo backup and archiving

Earlier this year Amazon announced “unlimited storage of images” for subscribers to their Amazon Prime service. (Prime is called “Premium” in some countries.) Amazon Prime is a subscription service that currently costs 49 euros 50 euros per month in France. The price is similar in other countries, e.g. USD 50 in the USA. Prime gives […]

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Unlimited photo storage online from Photoshelter (and Amazon)

Unlimited photo storage online from Photoshelter (and Amazon)

Organised backup is one of the fundamental, basic, sine qua non, must-have, obligatory things you must have sorted out as a photographer. Was that clear enough? Should I say it again: you must back up, and back up well and efficiently. Once there was back-ups on CDs, then DVD and ultimately BlueRays. Disk storage became […]

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