The death of Amazon as a photo backup solution

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Amazon Drive has been an excellent solution for off-site on-line photo backup and storage. It’s part of the Amazon Prime package that also includes free deliver, movie streaming, music etc. At 50-60€ per year for unlimited photo storage it has been a very good deal, a very affordable online storage for your pictures. That is […]

Using Amazon Prime (Premium) “unlimited” for photo backup and archiving

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Earlier this year Amazon announced “unlimited storage of images” for subscribers to their Amazon Prime service. (Prime is called “Premium” in some countries.) Amazon Prime is a subscription service that currently costs 49 euros 50 euros per month in France. The price is similar in other countries, e.g. USD 50 in the USA. Prime gives […]

Unlimited photo storage online from Photoshelter (and Amazon)

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Organised backup is one of the fundamental, basic, sine qua non, must-have, obligatory things you must have sorted out as a photographer. Was that clear enough? Should I say it again: you must back up, and back up well and efficiently. Once there was back-ups on CDs, then DVD and ultimately BlueRays. Disk storage became […]

Software Review: Backup and Storage

With all pictures saved on digital media backup and storage becomes of vital importance for the photographer. Give it a though: How many pictures do you have on, say, a 250GB external drive? Perhaps 13,000 (250GB divided by an average file size of 18MB) How much work do you have invested in that hard drive? […]