Is there a future for DAM systems? Yes.

Reflections of sailboat masts in the water in the Barcelona harbour

This blog seems to have turned into a discussion forum for DAM (digital asset management system) users. I don’t mind that, since this is an important subject for any professional photographer, and increasingly important also for non-professional “snappers”. One person who has contributed much to this discussion is the photographer Peter Russell, with whom I […]

“How I found my best Digital Asset Management (DAM) system” | Guest Post

The altar in the cathedral in Logrono, Spain

Digital Asset Management software selection Mike Briggs is a London based photographer with a particular interest in travel photography, reportage and street photography. Mike needed to select a new DAM, digital asset management system, to manage his collection of 100,000+ images. He started looking at a very broad range of DAMs. Soon he narrowed the […]

What DAM system do you use? (poll)

The Tibor Gal (GIA) winery in Eger, underground tunnels with rows of barrels filled with wine.

I thought it would be interesting to see what DAM (Digital Asset Management) system people use, following all the discussion about it here. So here’s a poll. You can choose more than one DAM. If your DAM is not on the list, please leave a comment. See also other articles on the DAM search: Introduction: […]

Features and Functions that my Digital Asset Management System (DAM) should have

DAM search function choices

Here’s a detailed overview of functions and features that I would like to find in a Digital Asset Management System (DAM). This is a follow-up post to the previous one I did on DAMs that has attracted quite a lot of attention and comments. As I explained there, following the death, demise and discontinuation of […]

I am looking for a good DAM: Digital Asset Management software

What options are there to manage a library of photographs? DAM is short for Digital Asset Management. It usually refers to a software used to manage various digital files. In the photography world it usually refers to an application to manage the thousands or hundreds of thousands of image files that a photographer accumulates. You […]

Cataloguing, listing, describing – a DAM thing to do

This post is mostly for the photographers who happen to read this blog. Having a large number of photos makes it imperative to have some way of managing them. I have close to 100,000 raw images and currently about 30,000 “developed” (processed) photos. It’s more than what I can keep in my head. For quite […]

Photo metadata – You know what it is?

If you’re a photographer, no doubt you do. If not, it’s perhaps not very likely. It’s the sine qua non for a photo that will be used for anything more than personal use, e.g. sold to someone. To put it simply (and not necessarily scientifically correctly), it refers to information about a picture. Often this […]