One Response to Is there a future for DAM systems? Yes.

  1. Martin October 18, 2016 at 21:35 #

    “Perhaps there will be a new generation of sw that will arise, …”
    It is always interesting to speculate on the direction that DAM software will go.

    “… a picture without a descriptive text (call it tags or keywords or anything else) is worth nothing,…”
    That is the crux of the matter.

    Just like in the days of paper photo albums when each photo would have a short description to identify the who, what, where, etc. , we need the same today only digitally. Actually even more since the volume has increased so much that old fashion memory is often not enough. How often have you looked at an old print and were unable to remember anything about it? And since someone forgot to write on the back a short description, it might forever remain a question mark.

    With increasing computer power, I look forward to the day when some of the drudgery of this work is shifted to the computer. One day every camera will be GPS capable so the where will always be known. Face recognition will reach the point where everyone in the picture, no matter how obscure will be identified. Computer vision will be able to recognize everyday objects (mountain, river, building, animal, etc) and based on the GPS, even make a good guess which one, and then add the appropriate keywords.

    In other words, I want to return to the creative side and have my digital assistant handle the organizing. How long will I have to wait .. who knows. Not too long ago the idea that self driving cars would be on the roads was a sci-fi fantasy. Now check your rear view mirror.

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