Sheltering from Google Image Indexing?

There’s an interesting discussion going on on the Photoshelter forum on Google Image Search indexing of images. Some people are very upset that their images are not rapidly indexed. Some people have had some very great information to share on how to do things. It seems clear that there is work to do to make […]

Stock photographer? How to find your published images

If you’re a photographer shooting stock photography and thus selling your photos through stock agencies, then it is often difficult to know where your images have been published and even more difficult to get “tearsheets” (copies of the published photo in it’s context on the page). But there are a number of tools on the […]

Do you recognise this face?

That’s not a question that is easy to ask a search engine, but Polar Rose is a search engine that claims to answer yes. What it says it can do is recognise the faces of people and recognise other occurrences of that person on other pictures in other situations. Say you have a picture of […]

The mysteries of serach engines…

I’ve run this blog for less than two weeks now. Somehow (maybe it’s Father Christmas?) it’s already showing on’s first page if you look for “wine pictures”. On Google, on the other hand, it is nowhere to be seen, even though (=blogspot) is a Google service. Mysterious. Both things.

Am I a spam blog??

Well, Google thinks I am. This morning I was greeted by a message that “your blog is locked”. Ha ha, you cannot post to it any longer. Apparently they think you are a spam blog if you have nonsensical text (is my English that poor?) and frequently link to the same (other) site. Well, I […]