There’s an interesting discussion going on on the Photoshelter forum on Google Image Search indexing of images.

Some people are very upset that their images are not rapidly indexed. Some people have had some very great information to share on how to do things. It seems clear that there is work to do to make the Photoshelter site work even better, but also very clear that each photographer needs to take things in his own hands and work – IN THE LONG TERM – with improving images. Photoshelter will not do the work for you, but does provide some very good tools and some very (very) good advice. Your web site does not exist in isolation. You need to connect it to others. Many others.

Frankly, I am very impressed by the Photoshelter service. Since a few months I use it as an experiment. If all works fine I will build a (more) customized site around it, including e.g. an integrated blog. It will also include the possibility to license the images directly on my site and perhaps even buy prints.

Coming back to this thread on Google Image Search on the forum. I thought I’d make a page (this one) with links to some of the posters / photographers on who have posted in that thread.

It seems, according to the discussion, that I have achieved relatively good Google indexing and ranking. That may be because I’ve been doing this blog for a few years as well as some other SEO related things. A long terms strategy that seems to work.

One effect of that is that if I put a link to one of my galleries or images on this blog it is rapidly indexed by Google. Perhaps the effect will be the same if I link to the other photographers.

So, here are some of the photographers who have appeared in the discussion:

And if any of you would like to link back to me I’d appreciate that, to my all now custom URL: My specialty is wine, vineyard, winery photography, with some food & gastronomy, as well as travel.

The whole purpose of this post was to have an excuse to link to the people above. 😉 Perhaps you will see some effect. Actually, it is beyond question that you will (all (legitimate) back-links enhance your ‘juice’).

But it may take time.

And you’re not alone.

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  1. Hi Per-

    I hope the photographers you've cited here recognize you have done them a very kind public service. Not only are you linking, but you've provided very strong keywords in the anchor text for each link, which really helps the search engines understand what's located at the site you're linking to.

    Thanks for the positive words about PhotoShelter too. We too are working hard to help improve the way everyone's images get picked up by search engines.

    I'd love to see more savvy PhotoShelter members follow your lead and give each other a boost with similar links.

    Andrew Fingerman

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks. It was the point of the post to do that 'public service'. There was so much jawjaw in the forum thread about not getting indexed so perhaps putting in a small effort could help ease some posters frustration… 😉

    And yes, perhaps someone will be kind in return too.

    BTW it was in part inspired by a blog post (and I think it was one of Photoshelter's) on that one way of improving ranking/indexing is by writing about others – making lists, "top 10s", or similar things. (Because maybe the listed blogs/people/sites will then want to link back to you.)

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