Getting a cookie banner and making the site GDPR compliant

A warning sign on a storage room for hazardous material in a winery

This article describes my effort to implement GDPR and appropriate privacy, including the famous “cookie banner”, on our web sites. (Not yet implemented on our sites though.) Since a few years back privacy regulations in the EU (and some other regions) have become much stricter. They set up strict rules on how a web site […]

Does Photoshelter “support” WordPress?

Had a question today on if you can use Photoshelter (as I do) and “skin” it with a WordPress theme. Here’s my answer: If Photoshelter “support” WordPress themes? Well, no and yes. 1 — Photoshelter, native Photoshelter (PS) “native”, with nothing added to it does not support WordPress themes. However, there are alternatives: A) there […]

Saturday morning surprise: Featured on Photoshelter’s Buyers’ Page

Waking up to a rainy Saturday morning an email catches my eye: Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter‘s VP of marketing, has sent me an email. Curious. [Photoshelter, if you don’t know it, is a magnificent service for photographers. It is an online service that a photographer can use to display, promote and sell his images, as well […]

Tracking your visitors – web statistics

As a consequence of one of the previous posts on the redesign of this blog I had a question on statistics from someone who reads this blog (at least occasionally). I take the liberty to repeat the question and my comments here. I thought it could be interesting for more people: Spurred on by your […]

Getting the bullet back

In the recent post on the new blog design I lamented that the unordered list bullet had disappeared in the side bar in the new blog design. I now have it back, albeit not quite the way I want it. Here’s what I did. Inspecting the template I find this piece of CSS code: .sidebar […]

A new blog design

If you’ve been here before you will notice that the blog has a new look! How do you like it? The first thing you see is perhaps that it is not black any more. I did not go “all the way” as David Sanger and make it white with black text. There are good arguments […]

Sheltering from Google Image Indexing?

There’s an interesting discussion going on on the Photoshelter forum on Google Image Search indexing of images. Some people are very upset that their images are not rapidly indexed. Some people have had some very great information to share on how to do things. It seems clear that there is work to do to make […]

New home:

Well, well, well, it took some time! I now have in place the dedicated URL for the photo site that I am experimenting with for some time: – for wine, vineyard, winery photography; food and gastronomy photos, as well as travel images! Please go and visit!

David Sanger changes style

Not as dramatic as it sounds. the well known photographer David Sanger has simply changed his web/blog design from white text on black background to black text on white background. It simply makes it much more easy to read. Many photographers like to use a black background. I think this is in the belief (probably […]