Waking up to a rainy Saturday morning an email catches my eye: Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter‘s VP of marketing, has sent me an email. Curious.

[Photoshelter, if you don’t know it, is a magnificent service for photographers. It is an online service that a photographer can use to display, promote and sell his images, as well as a very good way to deliver images to clients. For example: you can at a very low cost build your own online stock agency, so to speak, like we have for our wine and travel photography at BKWine Photography. Or you can use it to rapidly syndicate and distribute photos from an event, as some did at the climate summit in Copenhagen some time ago: upload the images to your Photoshelter account and they are immediately available to clients. Have I convinced you that it can be worth trying Photoshelter if you are a photographer? If I have click the following link and you’ll get a special offer with the promotion code embedded in it: try the Photoshelter online photo archive here! (and if you do, I think I will get some credit for it too. But that’s mostly anecdotal, and it’s certainly not because of that that I’m telling you all this).]

Back to the point. What I discover in Andrew’s mail is that Photoshelter in a systems upgrade has just introduced a new photo buyers welcome page that should make it easier for photo buyers to find the right photographer or the right image on Photoshelter (“Find Professional Photos and Photographers“).

On that page they have a few featured photographers. And they have me as one of the featured photographers, or more specifically BKWine Photography. Curiously, I’m listed under Food Photographers, but I guess that’s not too far off, since they don’t have a wine and drinks photographer section. Perhaps ‘travel’ would have been more to the point. What do you think?

With a start of the day like that I can live with a bit of rain today!

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