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Musee des Automate Tomates, the museum of mechanical toys or perhaps the tomato museum. Town of Limoux. Limoux. Languedoc. France. Europe.

The photographer’s guide to copyright

A very important new guide for photographers, and others concerned by copyright, from Photoshelter Apart from having a talent for making pictures and selling them there are few things as important to a photographer as understanding copyright. Any photographer’s business is entirely dependent on copyright, without it one could hardly make a business, let alone […]

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Does Photoshelter “support” WordPress?

Had a question today on if you can use Photoshelter (as I do) and “skin” it with a WordPress theme. Here’s my answer: If Photoshelter “support” WordPress themes? Well, no and yes. 1 — Photoshelter, native Photoshelter (PS) “native”, with nothing added to it does not support WordPress themes. However, there are alternatives: A) there […]

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Should you use Photoshelter if you are a photographer?

There is a discussion going on on a forum that I participate in on if it is a good idea for a photographer to use Photoshelter. Why should a photographer consider such a thing as Photoshelter? Today it is more and more difficult for a photographer to work with “traditional” photo agencies. And they are […]

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Self service wine shop in Croatia

Interview with National Geographic’s Photo Editor

Listening to your customer: how National Geographic buys photography with Elizabeth Krist and Allen Murabayashi Listening to your customers is important. For stock photography it is not always obvious since you are not necessarily in direct contact with your end customer. Especially if you work with stock agencies who are usually not very keen on […]

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Saturday morning surprise: Featured on Photoshelter’s Buyers’ Page

Waking up to a rainy Saturday morning an email catches my eye: Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter‘s VP of marketing, has sent me an email. Curious. [Photoshelter, if you don’t know it, is a magnificent service for photographers. It is an online service that a photographer can use to display, promote and sell his images, as well […]

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It is very nice when somebody notices what you do! (Or: the value of doing PR)

I was very surprised to see my own photo in a blog post on the Photoshelter blog! I saw it in my RSS reader and thought “isn’t that my picture? How can that be?” To my even bigger surprise it turned out that they had chosen to feature my photos and videos in their “Friday […]

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