It is very nice when somebody notices what you do! (Or: the value of doing PR)

I was very surprised to see my own photo in a blog post on the Photoshelter blog! I saw it in my RSS reader and thought “isn’t that my picture? How can that be?”

To my even bigger surprise it turned out that they had chosen to feature my photos and videos in their “Friday shoutouts” post, where they talk about various interesting things.

Their post had the curious title “Butterfly Kisses & Big Foam #1 Hands” with the sub-heading “Wine for the weekend?” in the section where they talk about BKWine.

A big thank you to the people at Photoshelter for the mention. I really like their service, their innovative and responsive spirit and all the good things they do for photographers, e.g. the recent Photographers Blogging Handbook. Previously they have done a SEO Cookbook for Photographers and a Guide to Social Networking for Photographers. All are very, very good reading.

The curious thing about their post about me was that it was really about my videos and not the photography. I recently published the 100th wine video on BKWine TV and that was the story they had picked up.

The curious thing was that they had picked up the story from Photo Archive News. That too is a blog / news service written by Will Carleton that is very interesting to follow. Recommended!

Perhaps you can also see this as another point that proves the value of doing some self-marketing, in particular, in this case, to send out press releases. Because that’s what I had done, and the release was picked up but Photo Archive News that was then read by Photoshelter, of which I happen to be a client!
1. Vineyard Photography – Images by Per Karlsson

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