The photographer’s guide to copyright

A very important new guide for photographers, and others concerned by copyright, from Photoshelter Apart from having a talent for making pictures and selling them there are few things as important to a photographer as understanding copyright. Any photographer’s business is entirely dependent on copyright, without it one could hardly make a business, let alone […]

Tracking your visitors – web statistics

As a consequence of one of the previous posts on the redesign of this blog I had a question on statistics from someone who reads this blog (at least occasionally). I take the liberty to repeat the question and my comments here. I thought it could be interesting for more people: Spurred on by your […]

Blog and Facebook problem

Anyone who might have a clue what the problem is? Since I changed template on this blog, and modified some other things (installed new widgets) whenever I “post to Facebook” something from this blog Facebook does not recognise and post the photo. Previously, each time I posted something to Facebook, e.g. using the AddThis widget […]

Blogger vs. WordPress – a comparison of blog platforms

The recent blog redesign made me think a bit of the differences – advantages and drawbacks – of Blogger ( vs. WordPress. Here are a few more comments. It is important to keep in mind that I am talking about, i.e. the free version of WordPress, hosted by WordPress (don’t confuse this with, […]

“You might also like…”

The continuing story of the new blog design! Some blogs I’ve seen has this nice paragraph at the end of each post “You might also like…” suggesting a few other posts that the reader might find interesting. I’ve found it to be a nice feature and one that might ‘lure’ the reader to explore even […]

Getting the bullet back

In the recent post on the new blog design I lamented that the unordered list bullet had disappeared in the side bar in the new blog design. I now have it back, albeit not quite the way I want it. Here’s what I did. Inspecting the template I find this piece of CSS code: .sidebar […]

A new blog design

If you’ve been here before you will notice that the blog has a new look! How do you like it? The first thing you see is perhaps that it is not black any more. I did not go “all the way” as David Sanger and make it white with black text. There are good arguments […]

European Wine Bloggers Conference

Perhaps one should call it the International Wine Bloggers Conference instead of the European Wine Bloggers Conference (those Americans call theirs just The Wine Bloggers Conference). Or maybe there will be an Asian and an African to come. Why not? Anyway. It is coming closer (end of October). Here is more info on the Wine […]