Perhaps one should call it the International Wine Bloggers Conference instead of the European Wine Bloggers Conference (those Americans call theirs just The Wine Bloggers Conference). Or maybe there will be an Asian and an African to come. Why not?


It is coming closer (end of October). Here is more info on the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portugal (Lisbon).

I have not yet signed up for it. don’t quite know why. Maybe i should do that now? Seems nice enough as an event.

Looking at some of the programs that the kind organisers (Ryan, Gabriella and probably some more) have set up around the conference (revving-up days and cooling off days?) I saw that I’ve already been to several of the place they’ve planned for. Pity. On the other hand it’d give me all the more time to socialize…

So, I thought I’d give you a bit of a teaser of how it may look when you come there (as of course you will!?).

So here you have the EWBC teaser slide show:
EWBC Teaser Photography – Images by Per Karlsson

(You can grab the embed code for the slide show by clicking the triangle/up-arrow in the lower right)

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  1. Ahhhh…Per… but have you been to Cortes de Cima? I know you have been closeby, but if you stopped here, it must have been 'incógnito' (no pun intended!) 😉
    I do hope you decide to join us at the conference, and come to the Cortes de Cima Pre-conference day trip on Thursday, 28.10.09.

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