The continuing story of the new blog design!

Some blogs I’ve seen has this nice paragraph at the end of each post “You might also like…” suggesting a few other posts that the reader might find interesting. I’ve found it to be a nice feature and one that might ‘lure’ the reader to explore even more of the blog.

Blogger has it’s own Related Posts gadget but that works by suggesting related posts based on the labels. That does not work for me since i don’t (currently) use labels.

Instead I found an even better designed widget called LinkWithin.

It suggested 3, 4 or 5 related posts from your blog and they are all illustrated with an image from that post. So perfect for a photo blog!

It doesn’t have any advertising (good) but you can’t make any custom configuration of it (bad), except choosing how many suggestions it should make. It’s rather opaque how it chooses the posts to display (“several factors, including title, tags, and contents”) but the selection seems OK. The technical posts seem to get references to other tech posts.

It installed without a glitch and looks really good (I think) on the blog.

I wonder what their business model is. They say that they “plan to introduce revenue-sharing features in the future, but they will be optional”. Sounds OK.

For the moment I’m anyway very happy with it, so I’d definitely recommend trying the LinkWithin Related Posts Widget.

What do you think? Does it serve up relevant related post in your opinion?

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