Had a question today on if you can use Photoshelter (as I do) and “skin” it with a WordPress theme.

Here’s my answer:

If Photoshelter “support” WordPress themes?

Well, no and yes.

1 — Photoshelter, native

Photoshelter (PS) “native”, with nothing added to it does not support WordPress themes. However, there are alternatives:

A) there are a number of built-in themes that are quite nice if you don’t want to go very customised.

B) You can do additional customisation (but within strict limits) with what they call “manual customisation”.

2 — Photoshelter and Graph Paper Press (GPP)

PS has a partnership with GPP, a provider of WordPress themes. PS & GPP have worked together to develop a number of integrations between the PS platform and the GPP themes. GPP themes cost a few $ but not much.

Many people use this and it works fine and looks nice. (But they tend to look somewhat similar, but don’t all WP sites?)

3 — Photoshelter and WordPress

You can also do a full integration between ANY WordPress theme and a PS site with a little bit of effort.

It is not very complicated but you need to know a bit on how to style things in WP.

There are people who can help you with the integration for a few 100s $ (don’t take it as an exact figure!). Two I know by name are Mike Cavaroc and Brett Cole. They are both photographers and use PS for their photo business. You can find their contact details through PS (or me if you prefer).

My site (https://www.bkwinephotography.com) is a case of nr 3. I wanted it to look similar to the other sites we have (https://www.bkwine.com and https://www.bkwinetours.com). All three are based on the WP Woo theme with some customisation done.

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