What to put in your website footer

Help your visitors to find their way around your site by putting useful information in the footer of your website! When we redesigned our websites it was the occasion to give some thought to what we put  in the footer. Here are some things that can be useful: Copyright notice (don’t forget to update the […]

Sheltering from Google Image Indexing?

There’s an interesting discussion going on on the Photoshelter forum on Google Image Search indexing of images. Some people are very upset that their images are not rapidly indexed. Some people have had some very great information to share on how to do things. It seems clear that there is work to do to make […]

So much to do, so little time. Still, #15!!!

No picture in this post. (The one and only!) Just too busy with other things… But I was just happy to discover that, in spite of that, this blog is ranked #15 in the top 100 wine blogs! I’ll open the champagne when its #10, but still a nice way to finish the day! Here’s […]

The mysteries of serach engines…

I’ve run this blog for less than two weeks now. Somehow (maybe it’s Father Christmas?) it’s already showing on msn.com’s first page if you look for “wine pictures”. On Google, on the other hand, it is nowhere to be seen, even though Blogger.com (=blogspot) is a Google service. Mysterious. Both things.