Just an additional note on yesterday’s post on Darkness.

It’s actually a real story. I was with some other people in the cellar of Clos Fourtet. Their cellar is underground, in an old quarry 9as you could see yesterday). While I was busy trying to do some photography with the limited light there was all the others had finished looking around and went away.

They did not notice is was not with them and I did not notice that they left, crouching behind a stack of bottles as I were.

So off they went, closed the door, and turned of the light.


In an underground quarry it is very dark. I promise.

Fortunately I had my camera bag, so I picked out my flash, that I almost never use – travel flash doesn’t make for good pictures. But here it, well, saved my life is perhaps saying a lot, but it saved me from stumbling into a lot of bottles.

I fired the flash and could walk a few meters. Fired again and could walk a few more meters. And keeping on firing I finally found the door (that, thank God, they hadn’t locked!).

“There you are! We were wondering where you had gone.” they said when I emerged in the tasting room where everyone else was enjoying some wine…

Since then I always carry a pen flash light in my camera bag…

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