A vine corpse. (Court noue / fanleaf degeneration virus disease, Mas Amiel, Roussillon, France)

Soil detail. Slate. Vines. Died from the court noue fanleaf degeneration virus disease. Mas Amiel, Maury, Roussillon, France

Mas Amiel, Maury, Roussillon, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Mas Amiel is located near Maury in the beautiful valley Vallée de l’Agly, on the slopes of the Corbieres hills, almost in Fitou. But it is a decidedly Roussillon winery. A big part of their production is the VDN, Vins Doux Naturels, sweet fortified wines, made much like port wine is made. But they also make red “table” wines as well as white wines that are well worth discovering.

Mas Amiel belongs to the French business man, now winemaker, Olivier Decelle. He also owns three wine chateaux in Bordeaux. Mas Amiel is a quite substantial domaine with vineyard land of over 150 hectares. They have a variety of grape varieties planted, grenache, maccabeu, carignan. Grenache is the main grape though.

After the acquisition by Olivier Decelle in the late 90s the winery have been much modernised and the marketing effort (Decelle having made his fortune in retailing) has led to considerabl success in selling the wines. The full range of wines is of high quality. The table wines are quite powervful and somewhat modern in style. The white wines are very clean and refreshing which sometimes surprises people who think that hot climate whites are heavy.

Some of the VDN wines are aged for some time outside in glass jars, demi-johns, exposed to the sun, as is the tradition in this regions. This creates a very curious, distinctive and interesting wine with an oxidised touch. Very original.


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Roussillon Mas Amiel stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson


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