Cave Cooperative Embres et Castelmaure Languedoc

Embres et Castelmaure Cave Cooperative co-operative. Les Corbieres. Languedoc. A door. Window. France. Europe.

Cave Cooperative d’Embres et Castelmaure, Corbieres, Languedoc, France, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine – This is only a selection of samples. Use Image SEARCH to find more photos – Cave Castelmaure, or Castelmaure SCV, or even Cave Cooperative d’Embres et Castelmaure is a co-operative wine producer in the small village of Embres et Castelmaure. It is located in the Corbieres district, close to Fitou, in the southern part of the Languedoc in the south of France. To arrive in Embres et Castelmaure you drive through the rugged Languedoc landscape on winding road taking you over hills and through forest in this remote corner called Haute-Corbières. In season you will see warning signs on the roads – hunting season is on.

Cave Castelmaure is one of the most ambitious and successful cooperative wine producers in France. Perhaps it is because they are small, only 65 members with some 350 hectares of vineyards, or perhaps it is simply because they have winemaking (and marketing) talent. The vineyards are scattered across the area in many different plots in the forest. The vineyard soil is predominantly calcareous but has also important components of schist. It is a very dry region, hot in summer, often plagued by forest fires. The main grape varieties are carignan, grenache, syrah and cinsault.

Cave d’Embres et Castelmaure recently built an impressive new architect designed winery that have given them new -state-of-the-art winemaking facilities and technology, at least partially replacing the old co-operative winery built in 1921 with solid concrete fermentation and storage vats. They make a range of wines, from simple every-day bag-in-box wines to some very ambitious cuvée prestige: Cuvée Pompadour, Cuvée no 3, La Grand Cuvée, La Comporte etc.

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Languedoc Corbieres Cave d’Embres et Castelmaure – stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson

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