Ashes and coal? No, vineyard soil – black slate. (Domaine Piquemal, Roussillon, France)

Soil detail. Slate. The black soil. Called Terres Brulees, burnt soil. Domaine Piquemal, Espira de l’Agly, Roussillon, France

Domaine Piquemal, Espira de l’Agly, Roussillon, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Domaine Piquemal is a family property in the village of Espira de l’Agly in Roussillon in the south of France. It is in the Vallée de l’Agly valley just south of the Corbieres mountain range. The winery was established in its present form by Pierre Piquemal in the 70s. Today it is managed by Franck and Marie-Pierre, son and daughter of Annie and Pierre.

Piquemal has some 48 ha of vineyards. The vineyards are split up over several different plots with very different soil types. The terroir includes black schist, stones and pebbles, clay-limestone and others. The vineyards are planted with a variety of grape varieties. There are traditional Roussillon vines, such as grenache and carignan, as well as more international varieties, merlot, cabernet sauvignon etc, from which they make varietal wines.

The winery is equipped with modern vinification tools while still maintaining tradition. Fermentation is in stainless steel tanks, grapes are sorted if necessary on a sorting table, fermentation is temperature controlled etc. Some of the wines are aged in oak barrel before bottling.

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Roussillon Domaine Piquemal stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson


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