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This requires some explanation. this is a detail of an oak barrel where the end has been replaced by a plexi-glass sheet so that you can see the inside. The barrel is filled with grapes, yes entire grapes. That’s the blotchy red-black thing you see. This is a trendy, “modern” way that some winemakers vinify prestige cuvees. It is inevitably expensive. (Just imagine the work to fill the barrels with the grapes, and then to empty them.) sometimes it is called “vinification integrale” in French.

Fermentation in barrel. Oak barrel aging and fermentation cellar. Chateau Reignac, Bordeaux, France.

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Chateau de Reignac winery,Bordeaux, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

The Chateau de Reignac wine estate is located in what is often called the Entre-deux-Mers region, in the Libournais in Bordeaux. It was bought some years ago by Yves and Stephanie Vatelot who started a massive renovation of the winery and investment program (having previously made a fortune as an inventor and industrialist helped). The Chateau Reignac is located in what is nominally a rather humble appellation but the Vatelots had bigger ambitions than that. Their intention is to make a wine that can compete on the same table, so to say, with the best of what Bordeaux has to offer. The winemaking is ambitious and modern. They are experimenting with e.g. vinification of the red wines in barriques a painstaking and time consuming way of fermenting the red wine in small barrels (Cuvee Balthvs). The property has 80 hectares of vineyards planted on limestone and clay soil.

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Bordeaux Chateau Reignac stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson


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