Vineyard with Mount Athos top in the background. Mount Athos. Tsantali Vineyards & Winery, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece. Metoxi Chromitsa of St Panteleimon monastery.

Mount Athos vineyard by Tsantali, Macedonia, Greece, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine — This is only a selection of samples. Use Image SEARCH to find more photos — Mount Athos is a peninsula in the northern Greek region of Macedonia. It is in Halkidiki, not far from the city of Thessalonica (Thessaloniki). The whole Mont Athos peninsula is run by independent monastic congregations. No women are allowed in. There are a large number of old monasteries. There is one vineyard on the grounds of the Metoxi Chromitsa of St Panteleimon monastery. The vineyard is run by the Tsantali Winery under the supervising eye of George Salpiggidis, viticultural director. The vineyard is located on a hill not far from the sea. The wine is made in the monastic buildings. Occasionally the monks participate in the vine growing and the winemaking. The wine is not primarily intended for monastic us but is sold for traditional non-religious purposes. The vines, cabernet sauvignon and limnio, are old and grown in sandy soil. The wine is powerful. It is farmed organically.

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Greece Tsantali Mount Athos Winery – stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson

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