No longer for sale. Bought by one of France’s richest (Condrieu and Chateau Grillet, Rhone)

The Chateau Grillet, that has its own appellation close to Condrieu with its vineyard behind. Château Grillet, Vérin, Rhone, France, Europe

Condrieu and Château Grillet, Rhône, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Condrieu and Chateau Grillet are two small white wine appellations in the northern Rhone Valley in France. They both make exclusively white wines from the unusual, bet recently somewhat trendy grape variety called Viognier.

In the mid-1900th century viognier was on the verge of becoming extinct. A few enthusiastic growers in the northern Rhone did persist in growing, notably George Vernay and a few others. In time, no doubt helped by the excellent wines they made, the grape was “rediscovered” by consumers. Today it is also grown in several other wine regions both in France and elsewhere.

The Condrieu appellation (AOC / AOP) covers 135 hectares today, up from 12 ha in the 60s. The soil is mainly granite / gneiss. The vineyards are mostly on steep slopes, often terraced, almost tumbling over the Rhone river. It makes full-bodied, aromatic wines with aromas of exotic fruit and flowers.

Chateau Grillet is a separate appellation. It is a very close neighbour and has many similarities, e.g. soil type, lands structure and grape variety. It is sometimes said to be France’s smallest appellation (3.4 ha), but the truthfulness of that statement depends on how you count. For a long time it was the property of the Neyret-Gachet family but was sold in 2011.

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Rhone Condrieu and Chateau Grillet – stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson


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