On the border to Portugal, Arribes del Duero (Spain)

View over Duero , Fermoselle spain castile and leon

La Setera, Arribes, Castilla y Leon, Spain, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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La Setera is a small family run wine and cheese farm in Spain, in the tiny village Fornillos de Fermosells in the Zamora region (Castilla y Leon / Castile and Leon). The winery is in Arribes del Duero (or DO Denominacion de Origen Arribes). Arribes del Duero is a long drive west from Valladolid taking you almost to the Portuguese border. The landscape is barren, dry hills, bush vegetation, scattered vineyards, but also spectacular when you get close to the winding Douro river.

La Setera started making cheese in 1993 and wine in 2003. It is run by the Spanish-English couple Sara Groves-Raines and Francisco José (Patxi) Martinez. Bodega La Setera makes only 12,500 bottles of wine per year. The vineyard is planted with vines spaced wide, water is a limited resource. In the tiny winery the grapes are fermented in stainless steel tanks. Some wines are aged in wooden barrels. La Setera makes red, rose and white wines: La Setera Blanco Malvasia, Rosado, La Setera Tinto Crinaza, Tinto Joven, Tinto Roble (oak aged) and Tinto Roble Seleccion Especial, all sold at very modest price. They also make a sweet wine from merlot (!) grapes. The red and rosado wines are made from the grape vine variety “juan garcia” giving dense wines with a pronounced acidity and good structure. The white wine is made from malvasia grapes.

La Setera is also a “queseria”, a cheese making dairy. They produce 5000 goat cheeses per year. The cheese is hand made, stored and aged in a cheese ‘aging room’. During the aging process the cheese gains in flavour and gets a hard crust. They also make a blue cheese, Queso Azul.


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Castilla y Leon Arribes del Duero Bodega La Setera – stock photo samples – Images by Per Karlsson

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