How to set the correct price on your photography

Meat at a market stall in Italy

Yikes! Someone wants to buy my picture! How should I price my photographs? What price to put on your photography is important. For your own sake you should see to it that you get a fair price, even if you are not a professional photographer. And for the sake of all the professional photographers out […]

Tracking your visitors – web statistics

As a consequence of one of the previous posts on the redesign of this blog I had a question on statistics from someone who reads this blog (at least occasionally). I take the liberty to repeat the question and my comments here. I thought it could be interesting for more people: Spurred on by your […]

Photoshelter customisation – what would be good

To Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter Hi, Thanks for the two customization examples you sent me through Twitter. (, They definitely look much more interesting. What they manage to do, which most of the other customizations that you feature on the site don’t do, is integrate the Photoshelter “core” into a site that also contains other […]

Software review: Upsizing your picutres

You may find that your “developed” file is not big enough and therefore that you need to upsize it (scale it). There are different tools for that: Genuine Fractals onOne Software Recommended by many. Also referred to as Genuine Fractals PrintPro. From a workflow point of view the current version of GF is much […]

Digital Asset Management

If you’re really serious about managing your photos you should get a proper cataloguing application. There are a few out there. Neither is really, really good (but which software is that?). It’s not cheap but useful. You can typically try-before-you-buy. The two I have looked at and find useful are these two: Extensis Portfolio The […]