To Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter


Thanks for the two customization examples you sent me through Twitter. (,

They definitely look much more interesting.

What they manage to do, which most of the other customizations that you feature on the site don’t do, is integrate the Photoshelter “core” into a site that also contains other pages: My Camera Bag, Pricing & Availability, Randy, Melissa, Corporate etc.

What is key is that you must keep the menu structure the same when you’re on the Photoshelter pages and when you’re on the other pages (outside PS: WordPress, customized or other…). And that you must have the same “graphic look & feel” (colours, fonts etc) when you’re on the PS pages and where you’re on the other pages. (The issues some people have around the url and cname are really secondary IMO)

Most of the featured customisations don’t do that. When you click on “blog” for example, you’re directed to an entirely different site with different look & feel and different menus. = patchwork, not professional. (and I want to move away from that)

The two examples you sent me were great. I will look in detail at how they’ve done it!

If you have some more in the same vein I’d be very happy to look at those too. (e.g. if you know of someone who’ve integrated well with WordPress. I’m leaning to using that)

Perhaps you should start a section on your site with samples of “advanced manual customizations”? I think it could attract many of the professional photographers who feel you templates are too limiting.

I am really looking forward to start working actively with Photoshelter. It seems like a really nice tool and one that allows you to do a lot of self-marketing, internet marketing and other interesting stuff.

Best regards,

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