If you are using a DSLR to do video, and many people are these days, then you have realised that focusing on a moving object or shifting the focus from one place to another is really, really  hard. Unless you buy a pretty expensive piece of equipment that is bot heavy, bulky and sets you back quite a few euros.

Now there is an alternative. Cheap, light weight, simple – just brilliant in it’s simplicity. But guys behind it need some seed moeney before they can do it, so they created a kickstarter project for the focus / lens shifter thing.

Here’s how it works:

And here’s how it looks:

The lens / focus shifter on a DSLR
The lens / focus shifter on a DSLR, image from the Kickstarter project page

go over to the Kickstarter project page for the focus / lens shifter and back the project by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing!


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