How old is old?

The world’s oldest living organisms in pictures How old do you think the world’s oldest living thing is? … … … No, it’s older. Rachel Sussman has made a photo project on photographing the world’s oldest living organisms. She has taken pictures of parsley, strangulating fungi, old trees, brain coral. Her starting point was that […]

The new Getty Images watermark

Reflections of sailboat masts in the water in the Barcelona harbour

A trivial protection tool turned brilliantly into a marketing tool! Getty Images has taken a simple overlay image, the watermark, and turned it into a something that not only protects your image but also is a brilliantly engineered marketing and sales tool. To have or not to have: watermarks? Watermarks are a nuisance according to […]

US Copyright Registration with the Library of Congress, fee goes up

A bill and money on the table in a restaurant

There is a peculiarity with US copyright legislation that is called “registering your photos with the Library of Congress”. There is no requirement to “register” your images. The copyright is yours for your pictures if you don’t as well as if you do. It is not the “ownership” of the copyright that is at issue. […]

It is 20 years since the start of the war in Bosnia

I find it very difficult to comprehend that the war in the Balkans could and did happen. It is now twenty years since the war started in Bosnia. When the troubles started in the Balkans and when they ended depends, I guess, a bit on how you want to count. In 2006 we had the […]

Not so easy to pin it down – more on Pinterest

A few days ago I wrote about an article by Sean Locke on the new site Pinterest that seems like yet another photo copyright infringement tool. Sean has written a follow-up on his blog, More Thoughts on Pinterest. This is a very interesting read because of two things. Sean tells the story about a real […]

Pinterest – a new copyright thief on the block?

One more site that has an interesting approach to intellectual property A new site that seems to be enabling and encouraging copyright theft has appeared: Pinterest. Sean Locke, a photographer with an interesting web site on his work and other related things, has written a long article explaining what Pinterest does and the issues around […]

Registering Your Copyrights Using the eCO System

In the US there is a system of “registering your copyright”. It does not mean that you have to register to be the owner of the copyright of the images / photographs that you do. But it does mean that it will be much easier to defend your rights if someone infringes on your copyright […]

New Year’s resolution: take care of your copyright

The Photo Attorney is a great blog if you are interested in the legal issues around photography: copyright, intellectual property etc. It is written (mainly) by Carolyn E. Wright. Her latest post has a few good New Year’s resolutions: Register your copyright (especially if the US is an important market for you) Read the Photographer’s […]

What to do when your photos are stolen

It happens to everyone. Perhaps it happens more and more often these days. Either because people think that images that they find online are free to use (totally wrong) or because they think that the chances of being caught are very small (only too right). So, you have found that someone has used your image, […]

How to buy / license a photo

How to license a digital image or to buy a print. There are two ways to purchase images from BKWine Photography, and one way to use images for free in personal blogs. Each has its own specific use: Licensing for professional use Buy prints for personal use or wall decoration Online use through flash embeds […]

How to find a needle in a haystack (The Eiffel Tower, Paris)

Warning: This has nothing to do with wine. On Alamy, one of the world’s biggest stock photo agencies, there are 16,053 images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I work with Alamy. They are one of the places where you can license BKWine photography. I have a handful of images of the Eiffel Tower on […]

Our latest wine newsletter is out

The new issue of our wine newsletter, the BKWine Brief is out. #88 with plenty of wine news and some opinions. And some recommendations on wine producers and restaurants. Read it here, or why not subscribe? It’s free:

Some photos from Castilla y Leon wineries

Here are a few galleries with images from wineries and vineyards, and some towns, in Castilla y Leon in north east Spain: Castilla y Leon Arribes del Duero Bodega La Setera Castilla y Leon Benavente Bodegas Otero Castilla y Leon Cigales Bodegas Concejo Pilcar Castilla y Leon Cigales Bodegas Frutos Villar Castilla y Leon El […]

New Wine Stock Photos on

A whole lot of new photos are now available on Some 6000 new stock photographs are now there. I will be posting stock photo sample galleries in the sidebar on the right in the near future. Subjects for this set of pictures includes: – Alentejo in Portugal – The Douro Valley in Portugal – […]

Saturday morning surprise: Featured on Photoshelter’s Buyers’ Page

Waking up to a rainy Saturday morning an email catches my eye: Andrew Fingerman, Photoshelter‘s VP of marketing, has sent me an email. Curious. [Photoshelter, if you don’t know it, is a magnificent service for photographers. It is an online service that a photographer can use to display, promote and sell his images, as well […]

On Darkness

Just an additional note on yesterday’s post on Darkness. It’s actually a real story. I was with some other people in the cellar of Clos Fourtet. Their cellar is underground, in an old quarry 9as you could see yesterday). While I was busy trying to do some photography with the limited light there was all […]

The joys and dangers of photos on Flickr – stolen photos

Flickr is certainly an important player in the world of both amateur and professional photography today. For a photographer it can be a great tool to show his photos, although I have not really started using it for that yet. Have so far only done some experiments. On the other hand it can also be […]

Published in Sweden’s biggest wine magazine

This photo (together with a few others of mine) is published in the latest issue of Sweden’s biggest wine magazine, Bolaget, with over half a million copies in print. It’s available for free in all the Systembolaget monopoly wine shops. Estelle Roumage, winemaker, of the owning family. Chateau Lestrille, Bordeaux, France – And she makes […]

Jamie Goode on wine photography

“I really enjoy photography. It’s been a hobby ever since as a teenager my dad bought me a Ricoh rangefinder compact, and let me work with him in his improvised dark room.” That’s what Jamie Goode, the well known British wine writer, also known as the Wine Anorak says in a recent blog post. Go […]

New BKWine TV Video: Ntsiki Biyela

Our latest wine video is an interview with South Africa’s first black woman winemaker. See it on our Youtube channel: in our video section on BKWine Magazine

Cataloguing, listing, describing – a DAM thing to do

This post is mostly for the photographers who happen to read this blog. Having a large number of photos makes it imperative to have some way of managing them. I have close to 100,000 raw images and currently about 30,000 “developed” (processed) photos. It’s more than what I can keep in my head. For quite […]

Dagens Industri on BKWine today

Since we may have some Swedish readers of this blog I must mention a very nice thing: Today Tuesday (I’m writing this at 17 minutes past midnight) there is a big article on BKWine – half a page – in the Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri (let’s call it Sweden’s FT, they even have the […]

A new blog design

If you’ve been here before you will notice that the blog has a new look! How do you like it? The first thing you see is perhaps that it is not black any more. I did not go “all the way” as David Sanger and make it white with black text. There are good arguments […]

About BKWine Photography

PHOTOGRAPHS ON WINE, VINEYARDS, GASTRONOMY, FOOD AND TRAVEL All photos on BKWine Photography are by me, Per Karlsson, bar a few exceptions taken by my wife (& business partner) Britt. WINE I travel in wine regions almost a third of my time and visit some 200 vineyards each year. It takes me to wineries all […]

Sheltering from Google Image Indexing?

There’s an interesting discussion going on on the Photoshelter forum on Google Image Search indexing of images. Some people are very upset that their images are not rapidly indexed. Some people have had some very great information to share on how to do things. It seems clear that there is work to do to make […]

New home:

Well, well, well, it took some time! I now have in place the dedicated URL for the photo site that I am experimenting with for some time: – for wine, vineyard, winery photography; food and gastronomy photos, as well as travel images! Please go and visit!